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Name tags are an integral part of any business.  It’s an important first impression for your customer facing staff, or identification for the office, name tags have a simple but important piece of information.

Our name tags are made using industry leading laser engraving processes. Plastic name tags are both engraved and cut on the laser system, and our metal tags are laser engraved and sheer cut, to produce the cleanest and sharpest result possible. The tags come in a variety of duotone colors with background color and contrasting color for highly visible text and or logo. All tags come standard with squared corners but can have rounded corners at no extra cost. All the name tags have the choice of a magnetic or pin fastener on the back.

Single Line Name Tags

Single Line Name Tag(1)

Simple, direct, and effective one line name tags get the most important information, your name, across.

Multiple Line Name Tags

Multiple Line Name Tag(1)

Multiple line name tags are great for important information such as position, designation or a company name. Two, three, and four line badges are all common, any more and you might need a sign instead, or risk looking like a billboard.

Logo Name Tags

Logo Name Tag(1)

Proudly display your companies logo with a beautiful two toned logo name tag. Your company has invested a lot of time and effort in to their logos, and your brand is an important part of who you are.

Numbered Name Tags

Numbered Name Tag(1)

Numbered name tags are great for a large service staff or companies with high turnover rates. Numbered tags are also great for organizations or school events were the tags might not be worn by the same person of student each time, the tags can be handed out before and collected at the end of the event, saving you money.


The four most common sizes for name tags are 1″ x 3″, 1.25″ x 3″, and 1.5″x 3″ and 0.75″ x 2.5″.  As well as making the standards we have the ability to do custom size and custom shaped name tags. For more information contact us here.


The name tags come standard with square corners but unlike most companies in the industry, we are happy to do rounded corners at no additional charge for both our plastic and metal tags. The rounded corners are great for industries were safety is key such as medical care or security.


Backing / Attachments

You also have a choice for the backing or attachment part of the name tags. Standard is pin back, which is the most economical option as well as being the best option for those with pacemakers. Our most popular option is a magnetic backing which has the benefit of being easier on your clothing and safer than pin backing, with no chance of  leaving no holes in either your clothes or fingers.


Plastic Name Tags

Strong durable and economic, plastic name tags are the most common type of tag. With a wide arrange of two toned color combinations to chose from we can find one that will work with you school, company or organizations colors. Light weight and strong, plastic tags when properly taken care of can last years and years.

Metal Name Tags

Sleek, and sophisticated, metal name tags are a great blend of style and functionality. All our metal name tags are made from coated aluminum and are laser engraved to produce a tag that is light weight with high detail. All metal name tags come standard with rounded corners (for safety and looks), with options for a pin or magnetic fastener.


To see our selection of materials and color combination for the tags have a look at our materials page.

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