Custom Engraved Glass Beer Mug With Canucks Logo

Engraved Canucks Glass Beer Mug

Custom Engraved Glass Beer Mug With Canucks Logo


With the NHL hockey season getting under way again I thought it would be a great time to repost this Canucks beer mug I did last season. At a time when the Vancouver Canucks were setting a new record for longest time without a goal, which included getting shut out in three straight games I thought I would see if I could bring them some luck with a nice engraved beer mug. At worst I thought the beer should help. This project was done with a 26 oz glass beer mug. Along with the Canucks slogan of “We are all Canucks” I decide to use the Johnny Canuck Logo as well because he has a beard. Enough said.

That night after finishing the mug and while enjoying some beer from it I watched the Canucks play Nashville. Early in the first Bo Horvat scored and ended the streak. Unfortunately the Canucks ended up losing that game in a shootout, but the streak was broken non the less.

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