Industrial Tags, Construction Tags, Lamacoids, Lamacoid

Lamacoid (or lamicoid)  is the term that was formally used to specifically describe the 2-ply and 3-ply plastic used in making industrial and construction tags. It has now come to include a range of materials and all sorts of plates, valve tags, nameplates and more. Lamacoids can be very cost effective, and can be fully customized as they come in a variety of materials and colours combinations. We provide a variety of mounting options depend on the tag type, such as standard adhesives, key rings chains and more. Typical applications for lamacoid labels are device identification, control panels, cable or valve tags, name tags and operator devices such as pushbuttons.

Check out our materials page for sample of the color combinations we have available. 

Some of the types of Lamacoids we do

  • Industrial tags
  • Nameplates
  • Panels
  • Labels
  • Construction tags
  • Button identification
  • Cable tags
  • Name tags
  • Legend plates
  • Switch identification
  • Valve tags
  • Warning Signs


Warning sign, Plastic lamacoid

Plastic Lamacoid

Laser engraved and cut, these are fully customizable, and the most economical option. With the widest range of color combination options this material can have a smooth or textured finish and is suitable for both indoor and out door use.  

Brass tags, Metal lamacoid

Metal Lamacoid

Made from either anodized aluminum or coated brass these tags have an increased durability and are corrosion resistant. 

Square plates are sheer cut to size and can be mounted with either holes for screws or adhesive tape.

Round tags come in a variety of diameters, email us for more information.

Specs plate, Stainless steel lamacoid

Stainless Steel Lamacoid

Ideal for even the most harsh conditions these specialized tags are super durable. Chemical marking compound is used to proved dark marking that provides great visibility in contrast to the stainless steel.