What is a Lamacoid ?

Lamacoid (also spelt lamicoid) is the term that was used for many years to specifically describe the 2-ply and 3-ply plastic material that was used in making industrial and construction tags. However, it has now come to include all sorts of tags, plates, valve tags, wayfinding signage, nameplates and more using a wide range of materials. Lamacoids can be very cost effective and can be fully customized as they come in a variety of materials and colors combinations. Most of the materials used are UV stable and weather resistant. Therefor they work great to create long lasting and durable products.

Engraving Laser

Process or Making

All lamacoids made at Star Name Tags are etched using a modern CO2 laser as apposed to older rotary and scratch engraving techniques. This process produces much higher detail therefore leading to both crisper text and high-quality images.

We accept vector files typically in .eps, .ai and .pdf format. Likewise, are also happy to create files for our clients as necessary, building your layouts from scratch and providing no cost digital proofs. We do not typically charge a set up fee. commonly found in the industry.

Materials such as plastic products can also be cut on the laser. However, metal products like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel are sheer cut. Therefore producing smooth clean edges.

We can provide our customers with reverse engraved and color fill products to further customize lamacoids.

The laser process along with Star Name Tags commitment to customer satisfaction enables a very quick turnaround time for production. 

Applications And Types Of Lamacoid

Device Identification Tags
Control Panels
Cable Or Valve Tags
Name Tags
Push Button Labels
Name Plates
Spec Lamacoids
Wayfinding Signage
Warning Signs
Legend Plates
Company Branding Labels

Materials for Lamacoids

We have available a large variety of materials for lamacoid products. This includes plastics in numerous color combinations. Depending on your project, we have 2ply and 3ply plastics of varying thicknesses.

Similarly, we stock a variety of metals such as anodized aluminum, coated bass. In addition a selection of different thicknesses of stainless steel are available.

We have options for reverse engraving with color fill, which creates a product that is more vandal proof while also allowing for greater customization.

Our stock of materials for lamacoids includes products rated for indoor and outdoor use. As such many of our materials are UV stable and weather resistant.

Lamacoid Mounting and Hardware

Lamacoid Mounting and Hardware

For our industrial tags and signage we provide our clients with many mounting options depending on the lamacoid tag type. Such as, standard industrial adhesives for easy peel and stick, key rings, holes and chains. However, if there is a specific type of mounting hardware not listed that you would like, please contact us and we would be happy to try and make it work.

Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a quick turn around time. This means that most jobs are completed in 2-3 business days.

*This estimate will vary depending on the number of lamacoids needed as well as the other specs such as size, shape, and materials.

Rush orders can be done upon request. Let us know your timeline and we will do our best to work with you to get your lamacoids done to meet your deadline.  

Lamacoid Design

Pricing for Lamacoids

High-quality products at economical prices. We strive to provide our clients with cost effective lamacoids and tags that look and work great.

Prices for lamacoids and industrial tags will depend on the specs needed. For instance lamacoids size, shape, material, and mounting or hardware.

Lamacoids can start as low as $2 a piece.