Name tags are an important part of a great first impression. Whether in a customer facing roll or around the office name tags contain important information, your name!

They can be made from a number of materials including plastic, metal, wood, and even chalkboard. With a wide variety of color options available check out our materials page to find what you are looking for.

All our name tags are laser engraved and cut for the highest precision and detail. Our state of the art laser engraver allows us to provide our clients with sharp, highly readable name tags with clean lines and smooth edges. All tags come standard with square corners, but we can accommodate round cut at no extra cost.

Standard sizes for name tags include: 1” x 3” / 1.5” x 3” / 2” x 3” / 0.75” x 2.5”. In addition to standard sizes, we also do custom sizes. We will suggest no bigger than our 2” x 3” name tags, lest you start to look like a walking billboard.

Single Line Name Tags

These tags are simple and to the point. Whether it’s the name of the person wearing it or a company or school name these clean and straight forward tags get the job done, and get that vital piece of information across clean and clear..

Single Line Engraved Name Tag

Multiple Line Name Tags

Sometimes you just need a little more information, great for adding a title or company name along with your own. We make 2 line, 3 line, and 4 line tags. We don’t like to do any more than that or once again we will be concerned you will end up looking like a walking billboard.

Multiple Line Engraved Name Tag

Logo Name Tags

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your logo is a symbol that represents your company. With our laser engraver we can achieve all the detail and precision necessary to make your company’s logo look as great as it should.

Logo Engraved Name Tag

Numbered and Blank Name Tags

Numbered and blank tags are a great option when the tag is not being worn by the same person every time. Often seen in the hospitality industry, these tags can have logos, company names or simple information such as “Volunteer”.

Numbered Engraved Name Tag

Chalkboard Name Tags

Much like number and blank tags these are great for use by multiple people. With a distinctive vintage look, chalkboard tags are a great way to add some personality.

Chalkboard Name Tags

Backing / Attachments

Tags can come with either a pin or magnetic fastener in order to be attached to your clothing. Both of these options are capable of supporting all types of tags.

Magnetic Backing

Name Tag Backing - Magnet

Pin Backing

Name Tag Backing - Pin

All our tags are laser engraved and cut for the highest precision and detail, with great prices and fast turnaround time.